Fords Gin Scavenger Hunt

The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Soulard Pub Crawl

January 20, 2024 

11:30 AM - the Hunt Starts

Soulard Neighborhood (indoor and outdoor)

$125 per team
Your team can have a max of 6 people.

See 2024 Answers Below

Explore Soulard (on foot!) and compete to win the Grand Prize!

Solve riddles with your team that take you to a different Soulard establishment (or two) where you'll answer trivia questions and perform challenges (think minute-to-win-it and bar games). Along the way, you'll try to rack up as many points as you can to claim The Grand Prize!



$1,000 in gift cards to Soulard Bars! 



Post-hunt Party 

After your fun-filled day of Soulard shenanigans celebrate with your teammates at the South Broadway Athletic Club from 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm for our award ceremony! Enjoy complimentary Bud Light and Ford's Gin Cocktails. 


2024 Answers 


AB Biergarten: Enjoy a holiday gift from Leuven or an eponymous cold fella with a Scottish draught horse

  • How many red roses are on the horses on the mural facing highway? 5523
  • When outside, look up and tell me the name of the cleaning house. Barley Cleaning House
  • Caddy corner from the Biergarten is the Mad Art Gallery. What was the building prior to being Mad Art?  Police Station
  • According to the inside history corner, by 1902, what percentage of bottled beer was consumed at home? 60%
  • Stay in the history corner and finish the phrase about Busch Barvarian "Clear and Bright as ____".    Mountain air

Big Daddy's: Brick Pollitt might buy you a drink here, if he wouldn't I bet Burl would

  • The building was originally part of what Brewery? The Schilling and Schneider Brewery
  • What brands are the digital clocks inside the bar?  Michelob Light & Budweiser Select
  • In the 1890s the Green Tree Brewery, Schilling and Schneider Brewery, and the Anthony and Kuhn brewery were absorbed into what? The St. Louis Brewing Association
  • How many total windows are on the wooden carving on the patio? 34
  • What is the name of the business located at 2600 S 10th Street? Architectural Bronze Studios Inc

Cat's Meow: The Pet Parade sponsor would most definitely "mix" it up here

  • What is the name of the American Legion Hall (spelling counts)? Barlog - Kuszaj - Zero
  • What year was the Cat's Meow converted from a place of faith to a tavern? 1956
  • Who is the wind chime at the end of the bar in memory of? Trisha Wyant-Leslie
  • How many framed Mardi Gras posters are hanging inside Cat's Meow? 12
  • What brand is the largest sign on the fence on the Cat's Meow patio? Busch

D's Place: You don't have to know your ABC's to know this Place, but it helps

  • What kind of wave is across the street? Polar Wave
  • In the community garden across the street, the wooden strcuture is a way station for who? Monarch (butterflies)
  • List the teams of the jerseys displayed with "D's Place 23"? STL City, Blues, Cardinals
  • What brand welcomes you to D's Place on the outside patio wall? Budweiser
  • What well reviewed burger joint is one block south (spelling counts)? Jack Nolen's

Duke's: Despite what you may think you won't find John Wayne at the bar here

  • Who sells spells, hex's, and chars down the street? Medusa's
  • What brand is the goalie stick above Brett Hull's jersey? Sherwood
  • What two sets of World Series tickets are over the booth inthe back? 2006 & 2011
  • Of the 11 World Series patches, how many have a Cardinal bird on them? 8
  • For whom is parking reserved by the kitchen? Blues fans only

Eat Crow: Get yourself a serving of humble pie here

  • Whose poster guards the outside of the restroom? Billy Idol
  • Who won the award for the biggest flirt? Riffraff Coriell
  • Who is attacking the inside bar? The 50ft woman
  • What station is nearby? Soulard Station
  • What year was YEHS established? 1972

Grizzly Bear: Ursus arctos horribilis

  • How many teeth does the bear in the mural outside have? 16
  • What symbol is between "Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times"? stars
  • Standing at the bar by the beer taps, how many stain glass windows can you see? 3
  • How many permanent bears can you see on the patio (excluding temporary signage)? 4
  • How many light posts are on the patio of the bar across the street? 10

Hammerstones: What you'd get if you crossed Thor and King Arthur

  • What year is the on the Mardi Gras flag above the bar? 2005
  • Fill in the blank "Don't be a ____. Everyone deserves to have a good time!" Butthole
  • What is the California license plate number? 4NTZ062
  • How many birds are the upper patio deck posts? 4
  • How many 'Soulard Stars' are on the south facing side of Hammerstone's? 9

9th Street:EPIC/Carson's: These two places would make for a "titanic" Tonight Show

  • What kind of coffee shop is located on this street? Literary
  • Above the bar at Carson's, what brand will 'keep you cool'? BUD
  • How many fake windows are under EPIC's garage door? 12
  • Mmm, smell that BBQ. What color are the doors at the nearby BBQ joint? Yellow
  • Get your cream cheese out. What 2 words does the new bagel shop use to describe making their bagels? Baked & Boiled

Molly's / 1860's: The Pony Express did not start here (although it did start in this year), neither is it's neighbor "unsinkable"

  • Go to the corner of the bar in the Saloon and look up. How many round bulbs are on the chandelier? 12
  • The Jesters watch over The Hardshell Cafe. What color pant leg do they share? Green
  • Find a booth on Molly's Patio. What shoudl you watch when sitting? Your step
  • How many claws does the T-Rex have on Molly's patio? 10
  • Stay at Molly's. What color are the flower pedals coming out of the outdoor water fountain? Yellow


Ford's Gin Scavenger Hunt FAQs

  1. How will my team receive our clues?
    • Clues will be texted and emailed to the team captain. 
  2. How do I know who my team captain is? 
    • Team captains are submitted at time of purchase with contact and billing information. 
  3. Where do we begin the hunt? 
    • There is no check in this year. You can begin wherever you'd like based on the clues texted/ emailed to your team captain. 
  4. Is there a post-hunt party? 
    • Yes. Join us at the South Broadway Athletic Club from 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm. 
  5. Will answers be posted? 
    • Yes, answers will be posted the Monday after the hunt. 




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