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Mardi Gras, Inc.

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Director - Tim Lorson (
Operations - Olivia Panopoulos (
Parade manager - Steve Mueller (
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Everything this year is different, but at Mardi Gras we know that the show must go on (in some form)—Carnival in the age of COVID, so to speak. But there’s nothing more important to us than the health and safety of you, our fellow revelers, our friends and our community. So we've been hard at work on a plan for a safe, responsible and fun 2021 Soulard Mardi Gras, in close consultation with local public health and other city officials. If there was ever a time we all need a reason to celebrate, it’s now. So the show will go on—it will be fun, it will help you to connect with friends, but it will be different and it will be designed to protect public health and it will adhere to the latest safety recommendations from federal, state and local officials.

As we refine these plans for Mardi Gras season, continue to check back here for information on the party planning and and precautions we’ll be putting in place to make sure that we can all laissez les bon temps rouler safely and responsibly in 2021, and for many years to come.