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Mardi Gras Pro Tips

Take some tips from the party pros here at Mardi Gras. We've been doing this for a very, very long time, so we'd like to share some wisdom in order to make sure we all have the best Mardi Gras possible. We couldn't do this with your help, so help us respect your fellow merrymakers and those who live in Soulard so we can have the best Mardi Gras yet.


DO NOT Drive

Take a shuttle, a taxi, a ride-share service, or have a DD. There's also a free shuttle from Ballpark Village! 

Ride Share Dropoff locations: 

2100 S 13th Street: 13th & Russell (just west of McGurk’s)

1511 S 10th Street: 10th & Marion (St. Vincent De Paul)

1822 S Broadway: South Broadway & Geyer (Edele and Mertz)

1530 S 7th Street: 7th & Marion.


DO Dress for the Weather

Nobody knows what the weather is going to be like for any given Mardi Gras, and it can get cold. We've seen snowstorms, rain and sunshine, sometimes all in the same day. No matter what, the show must go on, so make sure to check the weather report before the parade and dress appropriately. When in doubt, dress in layers!


DO Arrive Early

If you want to get a good spot, then make sure to show up early. You may even want to book a nearby hotel room for Friday and Saturday to eliminate parking hassles and ensure you have plenty of time. Several hotels offer shuttles to and from or provide access to plenty of cabs. Many of us will be fully decked out in eye-catching costumes comprised of our greenest greens, most royal purples and glittery golds. There will be more than enough people-watching opportunities. Heck, join in and dress up! 


DO NOT Bring Any of These Items

NO bottles, NO cans, NO backpacks and NO coolers are allowed at Mardi Gras in Soulard. For public safety reasons, these items are not allowed in the Soulard festival zone. If you do somehow manage to have these items in the festival zone, you will be asked to dispose of them immediately.  These restrictions are necessary to maintain a safe environment in which we can all have fun. Help us create a safe and enjoyable Mardi Gras season this year.


DO NOT Drink if You Are Under 21

Every year, undercover police officers, uniformed officers and state liquor control agents patrol Soulard on Grand Parade Day and Fat Tuesday. They maintain a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking and are extremely efficient at recognizing offenders and arresting them immediately. If you are under 21 and drink at Mardi Gras, then you will be prosecuted and have an alcohol offense on your permanent record.


DO NOT Urinate on Streets, Sidewalks, Houses, Cars, Trees, Flowers or Friends

There are thousands of portable restrooms located throughout the festival zone. The police will ticket you for not using them. If you can’t find one, try opening your eyes. Please find a restroom.


DO Respect our neighborhood

As one of the oldest residential and entertainment districts west of the Mississippi, Soulard is recognized as a national historic jewel. Be respectful of the neighborhood and its residents.


DO Head to Soulard’s bars and restaurants

Outdoor sales in Soulard end early at 7 p.m. Soulard’s bars and restaurants will remain open (inside) until 11:30 p.m.  


DO use designated entry points

Festival Entrances are:

  1. 13th & Russell (Rideshare drop off point)
  2. 9th & Ann
  3. Lafayette & Tucker


Bud Light
Southern Comfort
Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Fireball Whiskey
Red Bull
Hilton - Ballpark
Hilton - Union Station
The Cheshire
Finest Call