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What Should I Not Bring to the Grand Parade?

Do not bring bottles, cans, backpacks, or coolers. We strictly forbid these items and will confiscate them at all checkpoints entering the Soulard neighborhood. You will not get the items back. You will never see them again. Leave them at home. These restrictions are necessary to maintain a safe environment for everyone, so we can all have fun. Together, we are creating a safe and enjoyable series of events for the whole region. NO bottles, NO cans, NO backpacks, and NO coolers.

What Time Does Broadway Shut Down Pedestrian Cross-Over Traffic Before The Grand Parade?

The Parade route is closed to cross-over traffic at 10 am.  After 10 am no person will be allowed to cross the street along the Parade route, in order to keep the street cleared for the parade.  The only crosswalks are at Russell and Lafayette. 

If you plan to park East of Broadway (Corporate Village, Kingdom, VIP) be at your tent no later than 10 am, to insure you have access to cross over Broadway.

Where Should I Park for the 5K / Taste of Soulard?

There are no restrictions on parking in Soulard February 19th and 20th. Streets will be temporarily blocked during the 5K along the route to allow runners to pass safely.  However, streets will be congested with foot traffic and the trolleys that are transporting people for the Taste of Soulard. 

We recommend parking on the east side of 7th street and walking over to the Soulard neighborhood for both the 5K on Saturday and the Taste of Soulard Saturday and Sunday.

Can you register any pet for the Purina Pet Parade?

Yes, please visit the Purina Pet Parade page for more information on how to register. 

Can I register my dog for the Tito’s Wiener Dog Derby?

Yes, please visit the Tito’s Wiener Dog Derby page  for more information on how to register.

Do you offer refunds?

All Mardi Gras events are rain or shine and all ticket purchases are final. We do not issue refunds except in the rare case an event is canceled in its entirety.

Where can I enter?

Festival Entrances are:

  1. 13th & Russell (Rideshare drop off point)
  2. 9th & Ann
  3. Lafayette & Tucker

Where can I be dropped off or picked up by a rideshare?

There are 4 rideshare dropoff / pickup points on Grand Parade Day: 


2100 S 13th Street: 13th & Russell (just west of McGurk’s)

1511 S 10th Street: 10th & Marion (St. Vincent De Paul)

1822 S Broadway: South Broadway & Geyer (Edele and Mertz)

1530 S 7th Street: 7th & Marion.



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