Soulard in St. Louis Jan. 6 - Mar. 4, 2014

Use Metro and get to Mardi Gras the easy way

Parade Krewes

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1st - Darkness / St. Louis Escape with Monsters

2nd - Mystic Knights of the Purple Haze with Purple Reign

3rd - Veiled Prophet with Graumans Chinese Theatre

4th - Muryan’s Krewe with We Ain’t Afraid of No Beads!

Honorable Mention - Banana Bike Brigade with Fantasia





618 Parade Brigade

The Dread Pirate Roberts

American Beverage


Anhueser Busch Clydesdales

Anhueser Busch Clydesdales

ArchCitySports Coed Champions


Bacchus Construction

Jaws - We’re gonna need a bigger boat

Banana Bike Brigade


Cahokia Knights of Columbus


Construction Leadership Council Krewe of AGC of MO

Lego Man Construction


Night of the Living Dead

Eastside Mardi Gras Association

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn


105.7 The Point - Everything Alternative and NOW96.3 - All The Hits



Funcarnival Krewe

Meet Me in St. Louis

Gateway Motorcycles

Start the parade

Grand Marshal


HL Harlequins

The Money Pit

Hillary’s Krewe

Founding Fathers

Hop, Skip, DrUnK!

Toy Story


Z1077/WiLD 104.9/93.7 The Bull/103.3 KLOU/100.3 The Beat

King James

Animal house

Krewe du Carouse

The Matrix Has You

Krewe of Calypseaux

Leprechaun Hunters

Krewe of Creatively Confused

The Academy Award’s Oscars

Krewe of Re

Don’t Act Like You’re Not Impressed (Anchorman)

Krewe of the Mystic Knights of the Purple Haze

Purple Reign

Krewe of Tulane Alumni and Friends

King Creole

Krewe Of Vulcan

101 Dalmatians

Krewe TCI

Transformers with Optimus Prime

Metro St Pat’s Parade & Run

Big Red

Missouri Lottery

Missouri Lottery Lotto Balls

Monster Energy

Monster Energy live band

Moolah Air Patrol

We Fly The Children

Moolah Shrine Gateway 500

Moolah Shrine Gateway 500

Muryans Krewe

We Ain’t Afraid of No Beads!!!

music float #1 and #2


Party Going Friends Krewe

Pirates of the Caribbean

Poetiq Swagg

The Wiz

Radio One

Hot 104.1 & 95.5 The Lou

Raising Cane Chicken

Raising Cane Chicken

Randall’s Wines & Spirits

Randall’s Party Train

REX float by Calypseaux

Mardi Gras REX

Rhythmic Krewe Belvekis

Magic Trip

Roofing Krewe


Saint Louis FC

Saint Louis FC

Saint Louis GateKeepers

GateKeepers + Arch Rival Roller Derby

Schnucks Giant Cart

Schnucks Giant Cart

Show me Krewe

Dazed and Confused

St Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues’ Louie, Blues Crew and the Mcbride and Sons Blues Cruiser

St. Louis County Cab

St. Louis County Cab

Strength and Pride

Wizard Of Oz

Tá Frio, mas Tá Bom  (It’s cold but it’s good)

That Night in Rio

The Biergarten

The Biergarten Film Crew

The Darkness Haunted House and St Louis Escape


The Gateway Precision LawnChair Krewe


The Grand Sultans of Excess

Silver Screen’s Hero’s and Villains

The Hill Boys

The Hill Boys

The Lords of Mardi Gras

Austin Powers

The Penguin Party

Harry Potter & The Quest For…

The Royal Legacy Chi Starz

The Royal Legacy Chi Starz

The Veiled Prophet Parade

The Veiled Prophet Parade

WSPS (Weekend Society for the Prevention of Sobriety)

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

YOMO Moolah Mini Patrol

YOMO Moolah Mini Patrol


Basic Krewe Information

What is Krewe?

The word “Krewe” is a generic term used to describe any carnival organization or club. The word was coined by the oldest such organization in New Orleans, the Mystic Krewe of Comus, who in 1857 believed that the word gave the club’s name an “olde-English” flavor. Here in St. Louis, the Soulard Mardi Gras Grand Parade is make up of many Krewes. Each float or marching group represents the efforts of an individual Krewe. 

Who can have a Krewe?

You and your friends! With some effort and creativity, you and your friends can be the object of desire of hundreds of thousands of screaming revelers. What a rush!

Steps to follow to form a Krewe

  • If you are going to enter a float, you will need to secure your hardware. Decide on the trailer that will be your float and tow vehicle. We also have room in the parade for a number of walking/marching Krewes. Selecting your entry type and equipment will help you decide how many people to involve and what the parade entry fee will be. 
  • The purpose of the parade is to entertain the crowd. To encourage creativity, there are substantial prizes for the best floats. The judges are looking for creativity, three dimensional design, adherence to theme, and so forth. 
  • Follow the construction guidelines for safety and reliability compliance.
  • Stock up on beads!

Congratulations to the 2016 Winners!!!

First place - Mystic Knights - Wrestling at the Chase  137 points   PHOTOS

Second place tie- 136 points  

Banana Bikes  - The Freakness   PHOTOS


Affton Vice - the Mardi Gras 500   PHOTOS


2017 Krewe Organization Pricing

  • Walking Krewe $200*
  • Float $500*
  • Business Entry $800*
  • Float Sponsor $2,500*

*$350 deposit required with fee

Review the Float Construction Guidelines for helpful information. 


Bead Recycling

There is still a lot of fun left in those beads! See how it is done on YouTube. Drop off your beads at one of these participating locations: 

  • Soulard Farmers Market - 730 Carroll St. 63104 Open Wednesday thru Saturday
  • Mardi Gras Inc. - 2200 Dolman St. 63104
  • Shameless Grounds - 1901 Withnell Ave. 63118