Mardi Gras Krewes

Download the following pdfs related to forming a Krewe:

The parade theme for 2019

40 Years of Magic, Music, and Memories

Party like it is 1980, or 1981, or 1982, or 1983, or 1984, or 1985, or 1986, or 1987, or 1988, or 1989, or 1990, . . . . .

The Mardi Gras Bud Light Grand Parade is March 2, 2019. 
We are now accepting applications for new and returning krewes.

Parade Application Form

2019 Krewe Organization Pricing

  • Walking Krewe $200*
  • Float $500*
  • Business Entry $800*
  • Float Sponsor $2,500*

*$350 deposit required with fee

2019 Grand Parade Krewes

Krewe Name    -      Float Title

618 Jeeps - Boom Box Krewe of Mixed Tapes

Americas Birthday Parade - Sharknado - Enough Said

Anheuser Busch Brewery Experiences - Space Race

Banana Bike Brigade - Banana Bike Brigade celebrates the voodoo of Marie Laveau

Creatively Confused Kart Krewe - Karting Back to the Future

Eastside Mardi Gras Association - Rollin' On The River 70's Style

Gateway Precision Lawnchair Krewe - Bad Fadz

Krewe of Re - Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right

Krewe of the Mystic Knights of the Purple Haze - 30 YEARS OF YEARS OF MKPH

Krewe of Tulane Alumni & Friends - Bad Mardi Gras Memories

Moolah Shrine Gateway 500 - Moolah Shrine Gateway 500

Moolah YOMO Mini-Patrol - Moolah YOMO Mini-Patrol

Muryans Krewe - Boaty McBeadface (Floating McDonald's)

Party Going Friends Krewe - 80's Baby!!!

Radio One (Hot 104.1 & 95.5 The Lou) - Radio One

Randall's Wines & Spirits - Randall's Party Train

Rhythmic Krewe of Belvekis - Happy St Patrick’s Day Parades

Saint Louis GateKeepers - GateKeepers + Arch Rival Roller Derby

Show Me Krewe - A Great Day for a Ballgame

The Grand Sultans of Excess - Back Where it All Began

The Hill Boys - The Hill Boys

The Lords of Mardi Gras - The Lords of Mardi Gras do MARDI GRAS!

The Original Tin Lizzie Patrol - tin lizzies

WSPS - (Weekend Society for the Prevention of Sobriety) - MTV

What is a Krewe?

The word "Krewe" is used to describe any carnival organization or club. It was originally coined in 1857 by New Orleans' the Mystic Krewe of Comus. They wanted to give their club's name an "olde-English" flavor. In present-day St. Louis, the Bud Light Grand Parade is made up of many, many Krewes, with each one represented by a marching group or float

Can I Start a Krewe?

Grab your friends and family and let's do this! With some effort and creativity, you and your friends can take center stage amongst the thousands of screaming fans, just begging for beads. What a rush!

How to Form a Krewe

If your Krewe is going to enter a float, then you will need to secure your hardware, including a trailer for your float and a tow vehicle. Otherwise, we have plenty of room in the parade for walking/marching Krewes. Once you figure out how you would like to participate and how many of you to register, you'll be ready for the parade!

For those who show the most creativity and really get the crowd going, we will be awarding prizes to the very best Krewes. Don't just come along for the ride, be the Krewe that brings down the house.

And, most importantly, don't forget to follow the guidelines for safety and reliability compliance. Oh, and stock up on the beads!

2018 Winners

1st Place

Mystic Knights of the Purple Haze
"Meet the Mystic Knights at The Muny"
151 points

2nd Place

Banana Bike Brigade
119 points

3rd Place

Americas Birthday Parade
"Meet Me At..."
116 points

Honorable Mention

Grand Sultans of Excess
"Wizard of Oz"
109 points



Bud Light
Southern Comfort
Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Ezra Brooks
Fireball Whiskey
Barefoot Wine
Red Bull
Hilton - Ballpark
Hilton - Union Station
The Cheshire
Coca Cola
American Carnival Mart